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Sailing lessons with Chief Sailing Instructor Blake Redding

The Abu Dhabi Sailing Club fleet of sailing dinghies and our Chief Sailing Instructor, Blake Redding, provides Juniors with the opportunity to take to the water and learn this fantastic sport in one of the best sailing environments in the world.

When: 8 week term starting 14th September

Swimming lessons, Baby Swimming and Squad Swimming with Coach Sport

We are pleased to continue our popular partnership with COACH SPORT LLC who provide top quality and experienced swim coaches across Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Book you child into one of our many popular swimming classes by contacting Coach Dawn and the Coach Sport team on email: theclub@coachdxb.com or Telephone: 050 509 5673

When: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at The Club.

Swimming Gala: 12th October

Football lessons with PASS (Pro-Active Soccer Schools)

PASS Abu Dhabi (www.passabudhabi.com) has been delivering football coaching programmes to children at The Club since 2012 and since that time, has expanded its operations throughout Abu Dhabi, providing the opportunity for over 1200 children to learn and develop under the guidance of of highly qualified and experienced coaches, each week.

When: Tuesday 16:00-18:45

Karate lessons

with Sensei Shan and Emirates Karate

Emirates Karate Centre is a well-established group that has been teaching Martial Arts in Abu Dhabi since 1984. Their instructors include World Karate Champion and fully qualified & experienced Sensei‘s (teachers). Emirates Karate Centre’s mission is to build strong minds, bodies, and spirit.

When: Tuesday & Thursday 16:00-18:00, Friday 09:30-12:15

Awards Ceremony: 26th October and 7th December

Ballet with Georgia

Introducing basic dance movements and basic dance terminology through imagery, use of props and stories, along with simple choreography.

When: Sunday 16:00-18:45

Music Lessons with The Music Hub
At The Club we offer Individual tuition on Piano, Violin & Flute for children of all ages and abilities. Individual lessons enable students to progress at their own pace, improve their skills and learn a repertoire that is most suited to their particular needs

When: Fridays 11.00 to 15.00, Saturdays 9:30 to 12.00

Wednesdays 15.00 to 17:00

Musical Theatre with Motion Studios
MUSICAL THEATRE is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. The story and emotional content of a musical – humour, pathos, love, anger – are communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole. Although musical theatre overlaps with other theatrical forms like opera and dance, it may be distinguished by the equal importance given to the music as compared with the dialogue, movement and other elements. Musicals are performed around the world. They may be presented in large venues, such as big-budget Broadway or West End productions in New York City or London. Alternatively, musicals may be staged in smaller fringe theatre, Off Broadway or regional theatre productions, or on tour.

When: Monday 16:00-17:00 5-7 Years

Monday 17:00-18:00 8+ years

End of term Performance: 10th December

Free Taster sessions 10th September

Hip-Hop Dancing with Motion Studios

HIP HOP is a very energetic form of dancing. It is unique in that it allows its dancers to perform with freedom of movement, adding in their own personalities. The hip-hop culture is influenced by the following four elements: disc jockeys, graffiti (art), MCs (rappers), and B-boys and B-girls. Hip-hop is a dance style, usually danced to hip-hop music that evolved from the hip-hop culture. The first dance associated with hip-hop was break dancing. While break-dancing consists primarily of moves executed close to the ground, the majority of hip-hop moves are performed standing up. At Motion Studios, we have freestyle classes offered from the age of 5 years to adult.

When: Saturday 13:30-14:30 5-7 Years

Saturday 14:30-15:30 8+ years

End of term Performance: 15th December

Free Taster sessions 15th September


Does your child love dance challenges and learning new styles of street dance? Then you have the perfect opportunity coming your way here at The Club. The classes will be focusing on an advanced combo of Popping and Animation dance styles, for students aged 10 years and above. Adults are also welcome to join in the fun!

What is Animation dance and Popping dance? In comparison to hip-hop( which is built on choreography only), Animation and Popping dance tends to focus and train students in their technique and musicality. This style of dancing helps students improve for a stronger performance and understanding of choreography.

When: Saturday from 16:00 to 17:00 10+ Years

End of term Performance: 15th December

Free Taster sessions 15th September

Fencing with The Swords

The Swords provides a high level of quality swordsmanship training for children of all ages and abilities. The Swords offer children an introduction to fencing with Sport Sword which is multidisciplinary fencing sport, where equipment is made from padded foam to provide the younger audience with an introduction to the fencing world in a fun and safe environment. The Swords offer further development for ambitious Juniors in the form of Sport Fencing that include all three varieties of fencing from the famous Olympic games (Foil, Épée & Sabre).

When: Sunday from 16:00-17:00 4-8 Years

Sunday from 17:30-18:30 9+ Years

Location: Badminton Court

Free Taster sessions 9th September

Tennis Taster Sessions

Coach Davorin offers tennis coaching to Juniors, that can be catered for all ages and abilities. Depending on your level and experience you may work on the proper technique of groundstroke’s, volleys and serves, keeping the ball in play with the coach and game play tactics to improve your overall game.

When: Friday 7th September

10.30-11am Ages 4-6

11-11.13am Ages 7-9

11.30am-12pm Ages 10-12

All sessions taking place in The Badminton Court. FREE for Junior Members!


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