Last Friday the Tennis Committee held its autumn junior tennis tournament The Cool Down Cup. In the morning the 7-9 year olds arrived early, eager, rackets in hand and keen to get started. Once registered and in their groups each match was assigned an umpire to help the juniors navigate the court, rules and scoring. During the morning it was lovely to hear their questions “Will I lose points if I stand in the wrong place?” “Who am I playing next?” “How does the scoring work?” It was brilliant to see the enthusiasm from these young players for tennis!

In the afternoon we welcomed the 10-12 year olds and it was a very different vibe from the earlier session. All the children showed great sportsmanship , skill and determination and as the matches progressed all raised their game to meet the challenge. The competitors took part in round robin matches culminating in a thrilling final between Daniel and George, seeing two very different tennis styles battling for The Cool Down Cup, with Daniel prevailing at the end of the day.

The Tennis Committee would like to thank all those juniors that took part and the parents for bringing them along and please look out for future junior tennis events.

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