Minutes of Committee meeting held on 15 April 2013

Subject: Committee meeting and AGM prep

Location: The Club

Date of Meeting: 15 April 2013


Natalie Tonking

Karissa Lewes

Lucia Griffin



Paul Looker

Hayder Al Zuhairi


Recorded by: NT

Distributed: as above


Item 1 Welcome, meeting called to order at… 6pm

Item 12 Discussed up coming events:

15 April, talk and share

19 April – Project day out to island, arranged by Hayder

23 April – Bobbi Lane DVD on portrait shooting

3 May – Practical studio shoot for photography section members only

10 May – Family photo shoot again – for members on waiting list

17 May – food photography shoot at Musaffa – Hayder

28 May – Manar – post studio photography processing

11 June – Lotfi travel photography

Item 3 Follow up on Studio photography. Natalie to give Karissa USB with photos from last photo shoot…. Listing selected photos, also showing some problems found for learning

Item 4 Competitions

  1. Macro 1 May to 31 May
  2. Travel 27 June to 17 Sep

Competition details to be created and sent

First prizes for National Day and Sport competitions have not been claimed. Discussed how Karissa did not want a photo of fireworks in her house and that maybe giving a voucher for canvas print would be better option. Total budgeted amount for first prize canvas was AED 1320 for 7 prizes (+/- AED 188 per prize). Karissa to approach 2454 to get better printer

 Item 5 No major expenditures currently

 3 new members


LG created a sign in/out log for equipment usage.

NT reported that Victoria had used studio light set and not returned it complete. LG confirmed it is still not complete. KL had spoken to Victoria about it without success. KL will investigate and contact The Club Engineering to try to trace before next Studio shoot on 1 May

 Item 6 Committee members appointment:

AGM moved to 14 May 2013

  • Victoria has stood down from support positions. Discussed if replacement was needed. KL said she would cover what Victoria was doing which was arranging onsite venues for the section
  • LG put forward suggestion to create new position called Communication Co-ordinator as she is doing this and treasurer; which is too much.  Agreed and defined what the roles are. LG will write new sections of constitution and send to Rosie for grammer correction.
  • Discussed “Junior membership”. Firstly discussed juniors being accompanied by adult. Adult would need to pay “pay&play fee” This gets expensive. But photography section does not want to be responsible for looking after children. So decision to change Junior membership age to 14 to 17 yrs.

PL will have to update constitution with changes and have ready for AGM 14 May.

KL will send out new notice of AGM with changes, new date, and Victoria standing down. Request for nominations for Treasurer will be asked for.

Suggested we create a “how are we doing and what do you want more of” form for AGM.

LG suggested we have a Talk and share and project day with families and kids to teach them how to take photos of children

Item 7 Other business:

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