Minutes of the Committee meeting held on 15 January 2013

Subject: Committee meeting,

Location: The Club

Date of Meeting: 15 Jan 2013


Natalie Tonking

Victoria Ashby

Karissa Lewes

Lucia Griffin

Paul Looker



Hayder Al Zuhairi


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Item 1  Welcome, meeting called to order at 7pm.

Item 2 Minutes of last meeting:

Item 3  Outstanding items still not followed up:Minutes of the previous meeting on 27th November 2012 were accepted.

Item 4  Treasurer report: 

NT bought Camera lens thermal mugs for prize giving from special on the Web. AED450 for 10, receipts/ vouchers to LG. It was confirmed that excess funds from 2012 could be carried forward.

Item 5  Other reports:

  1. Membership:

-          Membership numbers are 41. List attached.

-          Other membership info: Renewal of membership for 2013, names may vary but wait till 15 Feb before deleting members and confirming numbers.

-          NT has asked for reception to email LG and KL when new member joins section.

Item 6 Communication:

6.1 The Club Portal:

Now operational, well done to LG. 

6.2 Facebook:

Website to be made secret and also copyright issues to be checked 

6.3 Gmail

Communication with Presenters to Talk and Share evenings.  Whoever the contact is friends with, they give initial call to inform/ask then pass all details onto VA or KL to finalise event, computer access, gate access, directions, timing, etc.

6.4 Flyer

NT will update the Flyer

Item 7 Events up coming

19 Jan Falcon Flying - moved to Thursday 31 Jan. Unfortunately we only have 3 people able to come during a working day.

Karissa to speak to HZ about trying to find another option on the weekend?

22 Jan - Talk and Share - Night photography - luckily Richard Perry has stepped up and will present (he is a member of the photography section). 

Victoria will confirm all details and prep for presentation 

25 Jan - Lulu Island trip, email has been sent to members to RSVP but this is still open. 

Karissa will send the list to HZ. 

Is there a need for a waiver form or insurance etc. for this in case of accident? 

12 Feb - Talk and Share - Lotfi talk on "So you think you can make money from your photos".

Victoria to confirm all details and prep for presentation

26 Feb - Talk and share - Studio Photography, how to set up, ideas on directing people, tips. 

Hayder to advise if he knows someone who can present and also do a show and tell on how to set up Studio lighting

Paul will also ask a contact he has but he is not sure the can help, also Dubai bound

Victoria will confirm all details and prep for presentation with presenter, once known.

1 March - Dry run Studio lighting trial with photography section members only, 

Victoria to arrange Waterfront Suite. 

Natalie to buy studio lighting for Photo section to use prior to this date. Guidance from Haider needed.

8 March - Studio lighting for The Club members. Limited number of families. 

Deal is ….. Families pay AED100 and will get 10 photos on disk for them to print, email, etc. The Club members will be informed this is learning experience for Photo Section members. Photographers get to trial and play with studio lighting, practice and learn what it takes to be studio photographer. If this is a success we will aim to do one every month. This will give members a chance to learn, and also raise money for our section. The Club members will get good studio photos, original files (not just a print) at cost effective price.

Victoria to arrange Waterfront Suite 

A committee member to arrange set up of studio lighting, etc.

12 March - Talk and share - Macro Photography

Natalie will ask Vicki if she can present

Victoria will confirm all details and prep for presentation


16 March - Photo project day Not sure what yet! Any Ideas? Hayder any suggestions?

Paul suggested a photo treasure hunt? Natalie suggested a assignment, members buddy up and have to go take photos of e.g. fountains of Abu Dhabi. They can choose time of shooting, locations, equipment etc.

26 March - Talk and Share - Paul suggested these photo album creating programs on the web, e.g. snapfish, blurb, photobox

Paul to present

Victoria will confirm all details and prep for presentation. 

9 April - talk and share - Natalie suggested very basic talk on photography software…. free and paid

Natalie can present on Picaso, Natalie can ask Saeed to talk on Lightroom, Richard Perry total on Photoshop and Manuel to talk on Aperture

Victoria will confirm all details and prep for presentation

20 April - photo project day


23 April - AGM. We should have one a before May each year as per constitution

Victoria will confirm all details and prep for AGM location 

Natalie to prep report and work with Paul re AGM notices

Paul to prep as Secretary

Lucia to prep as treasurer

We also want to launch a new competition for "sporting events around Abu Dhabi" with the golfing coming up.

Natalie will create competition rules for distributions

Hayder, if you could let us know any access to sporting events you are able to give our members, which would be good for this competition.

Committee also agreed that for presenters, especially those that come from Dubai, we will spend max of AED200 on either meal (from moneys raised through Studio lighting etc.) or to help cover expenses.

Where possible free services are preferred. Receipts needed.

Item 8 Other business:

1.    Photo release form needs simplifying



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