Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 27 November 2012


Subject: Photography section meeting ,

Location: The Club

Date of Meeting: 27 Nov 2012


Natalie Tonking

Victoria Ashby (earlier)

Karissa Lewes

Lucia Griffin  



Paul Looker 

Hayder Victoria


Recorded by: NT

Distribution: As above


Item Welcome, meeting called to order at… Slipway bar, minutes of AGM have been approved through email tracking and posted on facebook, The club portal and email 

Item 2  Treasure: 

Current balance of AED3031.00 with money in for Christmas dinner due to go straight out again. Natalie will control money on the evening of 6 Dec and give receipt to Lucia

Agreed to print photos of water competition as the prizes. NT will arrange for printing and collection, receipt to Lucia 

Item 3  Up coming events:

6 Dec – Christmas party. Not suffient numbers to keep Slipway roof venue, moved to Vista. NT had meeting with Victoria earlier same day and confirmed menu and all other items. Menu was cheaper than original plan so included wines and water.

Agreed to ring all members to check attendance, failed to secure more members to attend.

National Day and National Day Competition.

11 December: Presenter on Sports photography. Victoria has confirmed her guest, Hayder, no confirmation. Victoria has secured venue. Karissa and Lucia to ask members to bring photos to share.

22 December: will be lead by Richard Perry trip to The Grand Mosque, time to be changed due to prayer times clashing. NT to check times and Karissa and Lucia to notify members

8 Jan: Hayder to confirm presenter – Simon Aspend, Karissa will follow up with Hayder

19 Jan – Falcon Hospital trip – Hayder has booked it with hospital, need to confirm other details closer to the time

22 Jan – Presenter need for night photography talk

25 Jan – trip to Lulu island via Hayder’s boat. Details to confirm closer to time

Victoria has confirmed she has booked Slipway bar for all Tues events for us for 2013

NOTE: School holidays 28/3 to 14/4/2013 


Item 4  Constitution: no changes requested

Item 5  Competitions:

Confirmed the final dates of competition. NT to complete Competition rules and Karissa and Lucia to distribute to members. Prize Radisson Blue Sharjah, arranged via Hayder

The Gallery had offered us wall space free of charge to display photos. NT to request winners of water competition photos back for display. Also would like to have winners of National Day Competition Photos displayed as well. Display dates 18-28 Dec 2012

Item 6 Communication:

The Club Portal – Lucia asked us to participate in the communication forum to see how it works.

Facebook and email combinations working well.


Item 7 Other business:

All members barring Hayder will be away over Christmas New Year period.
















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