Minutes of the 1st AGM
Photography Section
“The Club”

9th October 2012
7:00pm – 9:00pm

In Attendance: Natalie Tonking, Karissa Lewes, Lucia Griffin, Hayder Al Zuhairi, Victoria de Ashby, Rosie Tennent, David Shaw, Michael Miller, Julieanne Bright, Tony Bright, Clive Tolliday, Michael Scarff, Robert David Sutch, Ian Monk, Elizabeth Monk, Matthew Huxley, The Club Management Representatives(non voters) : Lotfi Hamrouni and Robert Liddington
Apologies: Paul Looker, Huw Rees,

Action items: Highlighted in yellow


1. Report from the Acting Chairperson
2. Constitution Approval
3. Report from Acting Treasurer
4. Election Committee – Members only voting
5. Other Business

• A quorum has been established, 16 fully paid members in attendance.

1. Acting Chairman’s report: Natalie thanked the committee members for their contribution to the Photography Club and everyone for attending. Gave basic report on who has contributed to the bringing the section to where it is today. Mentioned hopes and dreams that Section will continue to promote photograph and grow it’s members through shared learning over the next 50 years.

2. Constitution: Natalie ask if there was any opposition or questions regarding the proposed constitution, none were raised. Natalie put forward for the constitution to be accepted and approved. David & Mike seconded the motion.

3. Treasurer’s Report: 41 members paid up to date. Lucia confirmed current balance and zero expenditure. Confirmed details regarding what funds can and cannot be spent on. Gave indication on likely costs; which will exceed money raised via membership fees alone, highlighting the need for funds to be raised through other channels. Confirmed the Committee will not be raising membership fees for 2013 year membership

4. Nominations for the Committee:

Chairperson - Natalie Tonking: 14 Members – Yes
Vice Chairperson - Karissa Lewes: 14 Members – Yes
Secretary - Paul Looker: 14 Members – Yes
Treasurer - Lucia Griffin: 14 Members – Yes
Events Coordinator – Hayder Al Zuhairi – 14 Members - Yes
Note: Victoria stepped down for the position of Events Coordinator (Natalie Requested Victoria to assist with Events co-ordination as she has many skills which will be useful to the Section)

5. Other business (Motions or requests from members and the Committee):
1. Motion raised by Rob Morris for Talk & Share Meetings to be moved to Monday nights: Vote taken
 Monday nights: yes 2;
 Tuesday nights: 13; Majority vote decided, the members have voted to leave it on Tuesdays. Natalie will inform Rob Morris of result

2. Competition Rules: Natalie explained changes and reasons for changes to current competition rules:

• Main change is clarification on editing categories (kindly rewritten by Mick Miller) – None; Limited and Unlimited categories
• Explained the differences between limited editing and unlimited. Limited editing is allowing use of applications and tools freely available to everyone (eg: Picasa) and level the playing field between pro and amateur software editing. Original unedited photo must be submitted with the edited photo. Judges decision is final, should they deem the editing to exceed limited editing category, the photo will be disqualified.
• Mentioned three levels of competitions (Fun-no-prizes-Voting Competition, Prize giving competitions within the Section; Annual prize giving competition to all Club and Section members) and voting (Facebook; within section and panel of judges)
• Tony Blight asked if photos for a specific competitions (e.g upcoming Water Competition 15 Oct to 15 Nov) will accept photos taken outside of those dates. Natalie confirm yes, unless it is otherwise stated on the competition rules.

3. Permission Release Form (Paul has worked on one; Hayder has one and will provide a format). Natalie indicated that for competitions within the section, getting verbal permission is acceptable but competitions involving sponsors or external competitions with prize money will require written permission.

4. Online Communication methods:
• Communication to members: the committee looked at several internet groups for sharing pictures and information. Facebook, backed up by Gmail for non facebook members, was the only one that suited the Section, but is not the final solution. Any assistance from members who are able to help was requested.
• “The Club” has a portal in construction on “The Club” website. No news further news on this at this stage.
• Rules regarding Facebook. Two main rules:

     Do not tag any photos on facebook – this makes those photos visible to the wider world through the “tagee’s” facebook site. This defeats the objective of having a closed Facebook group
     Content; photos and comments on facebook should relate to growing; improving and learning more about photography or related to competitions held.

5. 2 x Talk & Share nights when at 50 members; members decided this would be decided on demand.


1. Kite Surfing on the 19th October 2012. Hayder is attempting to organize a professional team to be surfing at the Island. However should weather conditions (wind) not allow, a backup plan will be in place for Saturday afternoon. .
2. Hayder will put together a calendar of future events.

1. Water Competition 15 Oct – 15 Nov, prizes given at the Christmas Social. Email (Karissa) and facebook post (Lucia) will go out with new competition rules (Natalie) on date of competition start.
2. Prizes for Competitions: Hayder can contribute from different Sponsors, which will bring down expenses for prize giving and free up money for other equipment purchases.

The Manager of Gulf Colour Film Photography, Mr. Nikhil Shetty has given 20% discount to Members, upon presenting of promotion code and ID card.
Karissa will prepare a map of the location for members


Photographers needed in the Club for events:

Sailing: 13th, 14th & 15 October 2012
Photographers: Victoria de Ashby and Natalie Tonking

Halloween: 1st November, The Club
Photographer : Hayder Al Zuhairi, Ian Finlay & David Sutch

The Lighthouse Club: 11st October Annual ball, Crown Plaza (you will not be paid but you will get free food for your troubles.) and 31 October, the Club (Again no money but free food.)
Photographer : David Sutch

Football night: 11st October, The Club
Photographer : Hayder Al Zuhairi

Photography Courses at “The Club”: Natalie stressed that there are more names on the wait list than there are place so the only way to secure a place on the course is to pay up asap.
Beginners Course by Phil Burgess
Start 21st , 28th October, 2nd, 9th, & 11th Nov
Intermediate Course by Saeed Al Nassouri
Start 20th , 27th, 30th Nov, 4th, 7th, 11th Dec

Other upcoming events mentioned:
Pink Polo:
Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club, 10th November , 2:00pm

Harlem GlobeTrotters:
27th October 2012, Zayed Sports City Ennis Stadium, Dubai

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