MINUTES OF 3RD AGM, 17.03.2014


Dear fellow Photography Section members,

Please find below Minutes of 3rd AGM held on Monday 17th March 2014, prepared by Karissa Lewes.


Clive away 26th March to 13th April, 2014.

Lucia away 26th March to 5th April 2014.

Minutes of 3rd AGM

17th March 2014


Natalie Tonking

Lucia Griffin

Clive Tolliday

Karissa Lewes

John Gow

Neil Huxley

Tony Bright

Noreha Yussof

Victoria Ashby

Rosie Tennent

Fanney Petursdottir

Sandro Camilo

Apologies: Hayder Al Zuhairi & Paul Looker


Natalie welcomes everyone to the 3rd AGM

We have confirmed that we have quorum

Last year’s AGM minutes approved by Neil Huxley & John Gow


Natalie thanks everyone that has participated on the committee and the Photography Section, Judging, Suggestions

We have run 4 photo competitions, with prizes,

Held an exhibition for 17 photographers, another for May 2014,

Family Photo Shoots first Friday of every month

We have nearly paid off for the Projector

We have purchased Books, the Library is looking after that

Review sessions has been successful

Monthly Theme projects

A survey was done, most of which was implemented

Purchased Studio Equipment


Treasurer Clive Tolliday gives his presentation

Current standings and budget for the coming year


Meetings – Format

Talk & Share every 2nd Tues in Slipway Bar

Outdoor Photo shoot on 2nd weekend of the month

Review on the last Monday of the month


Committee Member Nominations

Chairperson: John Gow

Vice Chairperson: Noreha Yussof

Treasurer : Clive Tolliday

Communications Officer : Lucia Griffin

Secretary :

Events Co-ordinator : Victoria Ashby


Other Business: New Constitution March 2014 stands

Calendar, Competitions and Discounts

Next Events:


  • Practical and review workshops with Kevin Larkin on Monday 24th March, 7pm WFS 
  • Competitions: Judging of “People by Compact”, upcoming Earth Hour 29th March run by The Club
  • Exhibition: May & November 2014, 17 Photographers to exhibit
  • Move Around The Clock – Get involved


Meeting Closed!!!

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