mensThe Football Sub-Section has been running for over 10 years at The Club and operates on a very simple basis - anyone can come to The Club on a Monday night and play!

We play 5-a-side, a popular format that produces short, fast paced games and allows for a mini-tournament every week. We play year round.

Men and Women's Soccer play on Monday nights from 7-10pm. Women play on Monday nights from 7-7:45 pm and the men play from 8-10pm.

Men's Soccer has been running for over 10 years and the women's game at The Club was launched in May 2012.

Our players vary in age, fitness and ability, which is fine as the aim is to play a competitive game without ever taking it too seriously and so enjoy the camaraderie and informal nature of the evening.

FootballNew members are always welcomed, and can come along on a trial basis to see if they enjoy it before joining the Section.

Guests of Members are also welcome and can also come along and play, by just paying a gate-entry fee for the evening, which is useful for Members to invite work colleagues and friends along.

Arrive at The Club on a Monday night between 7-10pm. Pass the tennis courts in the front parking and you will hear laughter, cheering and perhaps even grunting. It will be either the men or women playing soccer. Stop and watch, this may be the new game you've always wanted to try out!

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