Payment Options

Scheme A

Elect to pay the Joining Fee plus the pro-rated Annual Subscription in full
Elect to pay the Joining Fee in full & the Annual Subscription pro rata via Direct Debit

Scheme B

Elect to pay the Joining Fee and the Annual Subscriptions by Direct Debit over 24 consecutive months*

Terms and Conditions for Option B - Monthly Payment:

*1. No penalty will be incurred for early exit; however a Member can only opt into Scheme B once in any 12 month period. After the 12 month period of absence; should a former member wish to rejoin & opt again for Scheme B, payments will commence from month #1 of 24

  2. Early exit will null and void all payments made under Scheme B

  3. The Joining Fee at the time of joining will be applicable for the full 24 months. Changes in the annual subscription, gym, library rates will be reflected in the monthly direct debit total

 4. Country & Overseas Membership. Members on Scheme B may only apply for conversion to Country/Overseas memberships if they have completed  payment of their Joining Fees over the 24 consecutive months

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